man in motion
John Snow
P.O. Box 538, North Scituate, MA 02060-0538
Man In Motion was founded in 2003 as a manufactures representative company servicing the New England marketplace. The company has continued to expand using its motion control expertise to provide a complete offering of product solutions spanning from linear motion, controls, amplifiers, motors, mechanics, and linear measurement technology.
Linear Motion Components / Systems

NB Linear Systems

NB Linear Systems is recognized as an international leader in the world of linear motion technology. Products include slide guides, rotary ball splines, stroke splines, topball products, slide bushings, slide units, Slide shafts, cross roller components and slide tables, gonio ways and actuators.


ABTech specializes in the design and manufacturing of custom precision motion systems, linear and rotary air bearings, mechanical bearings, rotary tables, linear slides, spindles, custom machines and special gauging applications.
Rotary / Linear Motor Products

Anaheim Automation

Anaheim Automation offers a wide variety of motion control products, taking pride in its large inventory. Products include micro step drivers, indexers, programmable controllers, stepper motors, brushless dc motors and drives.

Dynetic Systems

Dynetic Systems manufactures permanent magnet brushed dc servo motors from fractional horsepower up to five horsepower. Designs for standard and custom O.E.M. motors, military applications, aerospace, semiconductor and transportation.


SEM's core products are brushless and brushed servomotors. These motors are used in motion control applications such as machine tools, robots, printing, packaging and process equipment where accurate control and positioning are required.
Precision Gear Reducers / Servo Couplings


GAM supplies a wide range of high precision planetary, hypoid and bevel gear reducers. Complemented by torsion-resistant servo couplings and safety couplings in a wide range of type and sizes.
Multi-Axis Servo Controls / Digital Servo Amplifiers

Servotronix Motion Control.

Servotronix Motion Control develops, manufactures, and markets customized and standard motion ?solutions, with a focus on digital servo drives. Servotronix brings over 25 years of experience in the development of state-of-the-art servo drives for the industry’s leading manufacturers. The company provides optimized, cost-effective solutions that are tailored to customers’ applications and designed to meet customers’ form, fit, functionality, and cost specifications. Servotronix supports some of the world’s leading machine builders and automation system suppliers with quality products and solutions.
Position Indicators / Electronic Measuring Systems


Scancon industrial rotary encoder products are a leader in design and manufacturing of high quality rugged encoders. Scancon offers incremental , absolute, explosion proof and intelligent encoders.